My second artbook PHANTASMA GOTHICA was the story of my own journey through the gothic movement since the early 1980s when 'goth' first emerged within pop culture. Those were heady days that I doubt we will see the like of again.

But the gothic movement has been an invaluable spiritual home to me over the years because it embraces the outsider, it embraces our own darkness. It has been a paradigm that has allowed me to confront and make peace with some of my own demons. It's that story that I have also shared in this book.

The 'gothic' is something I will continue to explore in the GOTHICA gallery. No doubt an artbook will emerge from that body of work sometime in the future.

I am delighted to offer some of the highlights from that book as SUPERB QUALITY LARGE FORMAT ART PRINTS. SEE GALLERY BELOW.

 Please note - we do not warehouse large art prints as they become so easily damaged. Therefore your print will be created especially for you. Please allow 4-6 extra working days on your delivery estimate at checkout. Thanks so much for your patience!