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8-1/4 x 11-3/4 inches
Featuring all the works you see in this first NECROPOLIS gallery and many more! 
This third volume is a tour de force that
leads us into the very heart of a dark realm that Steve came to call -
The Necropolis.

This is a realm of Lovecraftian ruins, chambers, passageways and middens
filled with demons, devils, machine gods, diabolic angels and dark sorcery.

Steve writes about his own journey through this Necropolis, and the
personal transformations he has experienced.
He had discovered what Jung called
‘shadow work’.
This is the body of work that changed both the art and the artist forever.
'In darkness we are forged.'
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Victor Habbick
The Necropolis, the journey continues...

The Necropolis, the third instalment in Steve Stone's series of art books, stands as a testament to the enduring talent of an artist I have long admired. With a background that remarkably mirrors my own upbringing and experiences, Stone's work resonates deeply. In this volume, as in its predecessors, he skilfully explores the shadows that many of us navigate throughout our lives, placing women prominently as the pillars of strength in a world often dominated by men.

Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like H.R. Giger and Franz Frazetta, Steve manages to pay homage to his influences while weaving his own distinctive style into the fabric of each piece. His art is a celebration of detail, structure, and composition, providing viewers with a visual feast that captivates the imagination. Beyond being art for art's sake, there is a profound sense of an ongoing journey embedded in Steve’s creations—a journey that, as a fellow artist, I eagerly anticipate.

What sets Steve Stone apart is his ability to conjure a unique atmosphere, maintaining a consistent yet evolving style that keeps the audience engaged. The Necropolis is not merely a collection of artworks; it is an invitation to explore the uncharted territories of creativity. As a fan of his work, I eagerly look forward to the continuation of this artistic journey, hoping that Stone will continue to enchant fellow artists and fans alike.

I strongly encourage you to indulge in all the volumes of this series, as each one offers a never-ending source of creative mystery. Steve Stone's ability to conjure imaginative worlds is unparalleled, and acquiring these books ensures a perpetual delight in the wonders he continues to unveil.

Amazing and high quality

Just received my copy and I’m blown away by the art and the quality of the book itself. I can’t wait to spend even more time with it! I’m so happy someone is making this kind of art and it is so accessible. My daughter open this book and said “Dad this is you if you could draw”, it just speaks to my soul.

Memento Mori indeed.

Terry Hooley
The Beauty and Darkness of Steve's Shadows!

I have received my signed edition of Steve's third fantastic new dark arts book 'The Necropolis'.
It is a visually stunning 'doorway' into Steve's 'dark realm'. It is his journey to explore and exorcise some of his inner demons, imposing no preconceptions or constraints upon himself, so what we get is his pure unrestricted creativity, from a darker place he has kept hidden, until now, from us and subconsciously from himself.
He has been the creative conduit, releasing Demons, Witches, Angels, powerful machines of flesh and metal; and a seriously 'bad ass' Gatekeeper that protects 'The Necropolis'.
Steve's 'shadow work' gives his fertile imagination a licence to give us realms that show not only strong characters; be they Demon, Warrior, or some exotic Goddess; but they also portray palpable mood and 'cut with a knife' atmosphere.
Steve's artwork, which for me is so unique, has now been sealed in these pages for all eternity, branded with a searing hot poker into time. Time is what I will need to fully explore and revisit these dark pages of this Necropolian underworld of Steve's, for many years to come.
Phenomenal work!!!

Terry, since the very early days of the Stonenexus project you have been a constant source of encouragement and support. I cannot thank you enough for this review . Your words mean a great deal to me. I think it would be only fair to say the next artbook in 2024 is on me, sir! And keep doing what you do in that crazy workshop of your own imaginarium!!