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Amazing and high quality

Just received my copy and I’m blown away by the art and the quality of the book itself. I can’t wait to spend even more time with it! I’m so happy someone is making this kind of art and it is so accessible. My daughter open this book and said “Dad this is you if you could draw”, it just speaks to my soul.

Memento Mori indeed.

The Beauty and Darkness of Steve's Shadows!

I have received my signed edition of Steve's third fantastic new dark arts book 'The Necropolis'.
It is a visually stunning 'doorway' into Steve's 'dark realm'. It is his journey to explore and exorcise some of his inner demons, imposing no preconceptions or constraints upon himself, so what we get is his pure unrestricted creativity, from a darker place he has kept hidden, until now, from us and subconsciously from himself.
He has been the creative conduit, releasing Demons, Witches, Angels, powerful machines of flesh and metal; and a seriously 'bad ass' Gatekeeper that protects 'The Necropolis'.
Steve's 'shadow work' gives his fertile imagination a licence to give us realms that show not only strong characters; be they Demon, Warrior, or some exotic Goddess; but they also portray palpable mood and 'cut with a knife' atmosphere.
Steve's artwork, which for me is so unique, has now been sealed in these pages for all eternity, branded with a searing hot poker into time. Time is what I will need to fully explore and revisit these dark pages of this Necropolian underworld of Steve's, for many years to come.
Phenomenal work!!!

Terry, since the very early days of the Stonenexus project you have been a constant source of encouragement and support. I cannot thank you enough for this review . Your words mean a great deal to me. I think it would be only fair to say the next artbook in 2024 is on me, sir! And keep doing what you do in that crazy workshop of your own imaginarium!!


Well Steve, I have just got around to perusing your book, Phantasma Gothica. I love it! Brilliant artworks and fascinating life stories!

Phantasma Gothica a journey into Darkness that is a pleasure to undertake

Steve Stone has once again crafted an exquisite journey through a variety of prose and art, his words eloquently gives us insight into his inspiration and motivation to delve into the abyss, gaze into its depth and give life to these Godesses and Warriors that beautifully grace the pages found herein.

"Damaged people are dangerous..." a fitting quote used here that reminds us to continue in our journey through the Darkness for we are not alone. Take strength and wisdom from here.

I look forward to opening this book up in the future many times and finding something new in its pages. Timeless and ever inspiring.
Thank you Steve for crafting this great journey, always with my utmost Respect and Love.

P.S. looking forward to a third.


I bought A Genesis for the art and the colors and in return I received a profound human experience. Allow me to elaborate: The dark color palette drew me in immediately. I find dark/darkness a comforting embrace, a soft cool pillow on a hot night if you will, not sad or depressing; but rather peaceful and alluring, like the art in this book.

Now, onto the human experience. The following pieces spoke to me loud and clear:

Space Time and Tranquility: The creature seems to be looking into the void, the dark space in its surroundings, that tranquil and zen space that only darkness can offer.

The Edge of the Abyss: Now this piece was a difficult one for me for personal reasons. So much so, I had to put the book down and away. My oldest child (4yrs old at the time) once made a drawing similar to this. It pictured how life felt while her baby sister struggled in similar ways as Oliver. I did not keep the drawing. Seeing this piece made me wish I did.
It took me days to pick the book back up again. I am very glad I did, for when I looked at that piece again, I felt as if Claudia held my hand and said “we face the fire without fear”…goosebumps. It is so very strange and fascinating how this piece took hold of me. And for that, it is going into my treasure box.

The Iron Throne: When I saw this piece I said to myself, that is me, that is who I’ve become (more likely not by choice but I’m rather proud) I’d like to think my husband and kids see me as the Iron Throne and the woman who made this piece possible, Sian.

By the time I was done with this book, I was left yearning for more of Steve’s art. I strongly believe that anyone who buys this book will not only find it beautiful beyond words but also will find a piece ( or two or more) that will speak to them as it did to me

Hi Monica,
I cannot thank you enough for the words and depth of feeling that you shared in your review. I was deeply moved by what you wrote.
I am so sorry to read that the book caused painful memories to stir but I hope that became a journey that also offered some solace. Your words suggest that was also true. I hope so.
The detail of your comments, your mention of all the family and the courage to be well, just so human was an inspiration to me.
I suspect your review alone makes that book worth doing. I will carry your words with me. And I mean that.
Thank you, bless you, and I hope we have cause to speak again.
Love from all here!

Phantasma Gothic & Stonenexus

I’m not going to lie this is actually the first time I’ve ever come across Steve’s work and I’m so glad I did theses two books are absolutely amazing you truly are a master of art . Every single page of the books where absolutely beautiful I just didn’t want the books to end. I can now class myself as a big fan of your talent and artistic style and I’m praying you’ll publish more fantastic amazing books Steve.Mind blowing I loved them both and a big massive thank you for the signed copies.

Hi Mark,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your review!
I have to tell you a brief story about this. On the day you posted this I was having the day from hell.. Everything that could go wrong was doing just that. So I arrived to dinner with Sian really down in the dumps. So, at the table, she sends me your review and just said, “Read this…”
I read your words and they really lifted me. Thank you so much for your generosity and the encouragement..
I will continue to try and merit your support.
All the best to you,

Steve Stone

Phantasma Gothica

I’ve been a fan of Steve’s work for some time now. Following the work he did on numerous book covers. When I started seeing his personal work, I was amazed. Phantasma Gothica is a stunning trip through Steve’s imagination and has fired mine. It is an incredible achievement Highly recommended.

Descend into this Netherworld...

Descend into this Netherworld, a chaotic realm blurred by surrealism and damnation. As hellish forms unskin, their intent becomes vividly apparent. The visionary master works of Steve Stone .... they will definitely leave a mark!

A master of the genre

I have just received a copy of ‘Phantasma Gothica, Wow! what a fantastic collection from a master of the genre: Steve Stone.
How does he do it? The images are often mind-boggeling and surreal, he is the true master of the genre, without being horrific or vulgar, he captures his gothic world with panache and style in visions of sirens encased in a paraphernalia of gothic charm. Where does he get his reference from?
His work is seamless and incredibly rich in detail with an amazing quality to convince the viewer that these are not just icons but a collection of captured moments that we can only see in our own imagination. The images take you into a nightmare of powerful women surrounded by the artefacts of a wonderfully dark world that both thrills and terrifies in equal measure in which they are totally at home.
Well done Steve, a collection of which you should rightfully be proud.

An exciting dark world

Mr Nexus provides us with a dark world in which female beauty is deceiving, for it cannot be tamed nor does it tells of any kind of weakness or submission. The images are almost bleak and awe inspiring at once. I’ve bought this as inspiration for my own creations and couldn’t be more pleased.

Gothic Art arts its most inspiring.

As a fellow artist, I have always been intrigued by Steve's remarkable ability to curate a private portfolio of work that seamlessly combines style and content. Throughout the years, he has skillfully expanded his universe, infusing it with intricate details and a profound sense of wonder. In his latest limited edition volume, "Phantasma Gothic," Steve delves even deeper into the realm of Dark Art, revealing that it can be a place of both joy and fascination.

Within the 96 pages of this artbook, we witness a refreshing portrayal of women. No longer are they depicted as helpless damsels in distress, like so much fantasy art, but rather as resilient and self-aware warriors shaping their own destinies. Steve's art challenges the conventions of fantasy art, celebrating the strength and resilience of the female characters.

Like its predecessors, this artbook will occupy a special place on my bookshelf, alongside a select few others that will never gather dust. These cherished volumes serve as a perpetual source of inspiration, akin to the experience of beholding a classical painting in a gallery. Above all, they are treasures, exemplifying the very essence of exceptional artistry.

Thank you Steve for yet another beautiful edition to my collection.

All the best to you and yours.

Limited First Edition of 'Phantasma Gothica' - Beautifully dark and though provoking!

I have been looking forward to getting my copy of 'Phantasma Gothica', ever since Steve announced its conception and his ideas behind the artwork. His book embraces the darkness that lies within us all, and is shown within these strong female characters of Witches, Warriors, Sirens, Harlots, Angels, Vampires etc; and shows there is both beauty and terror in this realm.
The artwork of course is stunning, the women project their own independence, sexuality and power, and the environment Steve has put them in, draws you into their narrative.
Steve's personal story written throughout 'Phantasma Gothica', which is both amusing and thought provoking, enhances the journey and shows his ongoing attempt to fully understand the dark souls in our world and the world of his creations.
If you want pure darkness, this book is like sitting on the edge of an 'event horizon', dangling your feet into a black hole, then just jumping in!
Paraphrasing Steve :- There is wisdom in darkness, and if we surrender to it, clarity can ensue.
A superb book, incredible art and story telling for the lovers of dark and fantasy art; my only concern is...I am not sure for how long the Darkness can be contained within the confines of these covers.
Great work Steve, and family.

Phantasma Gothica

My new art book arrived this morning and like the first, absolutely incredible. I also got the signed ltd edition print, cover and usual personal thank you message from Steve & Family. If you haven't bought from Steve your missing out. Exceptional service, quality and your always left wanting more. I'm in the process of picking out some of his art for posters but he's now made my decision even more difficult. Thanks again Steve and Family 🤘🏻

Phantasmagothica pre release

Steve’s Phantasma Gothica his latest publication is a feast for the eyes, images of the female form as gothic beauties enhanced by the macabre and the terror  and imagination of  outstanding talent that Steve brings to these breathtaking images. 
Brilliant … 

Phantasma Gothica - Stunning and Introspective

I received a pre-release copy of Phantasma Gothica and it was a joy to read. Steve’s art was stunning as usual but what was most captivating was his writing, which truly added another layer to the work. I highly recommend it!

A wonderful taste in dark arts

Another successful summary of his works! Thank you very much!

Stone Nexus

I discovered Steve's artwork on Instagram quite by accident, what an enjoyable accident however. Each piece of his work is unique, disturbing, sublime and occasionally quite erotic. The detail that he puts into his work is something else, extremely life-like and at times foreboding.
It is an absolute pleasure to look at each picture with breathtaking awe and envy that an artist like Steve can put out such fascinating and wondrous work that even Giger himself would be jealous
I would advise that everyone needs this book in their life.

For me it is a solid 10/10


Fantastic communication. Love the art. Would definitely buy from again.

Amazing biomech art

It is really an amazing biomech art book. I really enjoyed steve’ artist story and Sci Fi movie level quality digital art.

Great title

I luv the book and post cards I showed some friends and they were like wow that's pretty cool.. thanks for the autograph I luv it 👍🏼👍🏼

'The Reaper' Dark Art Print

Exactly as described. The paper quality and thickness is outstanding, this is a work of art not a poster.


I just got the book today and I think words are not enough to describe how much I love this book. It’s total perfection. ❤️

Just Wow.

've been searching my whole life for a artist like this...
Well worth the wait. His work is absolutely incredible. 96 glossed pages. Videos don't do it justice. If your a fan of Dark Fantasy Art, Steampunk, Wasteland, Post Apocalyptic, Demonic, pin-up, witchcraft and other Magical stuff this book has it all. If your into Dark Fantasy Cosplay this is also a must! It's already making my brain hurt 😏
I've already got a few favourite's featured in this but definitely going to be getting more books and prints in the future. He's also working on releasing large posters soon so can't wait for that. Such a nice guy too. Each book is signed with a personal thank you message and email post updates.
I can't wait to get lost in the details later after work.
Just WOW.

A Genesis

Hi Steve, I have just finished reading your art book 'A Genesis'. Your life story brought me to tears and your art work is just fantastic! Love and hugs. X